Garlic, garlic, garlic, and more garlic. Garlic is going fast. Plant your garlic for next summer this fall. Seed garlic is about 7 to 9 heads per pound and eating garlic is about 10 to 12 heads per pound. The earlier you order the bigger the heads you will receive. Questions — email.

Music Seed Garlic for Planting & Music Garlic for Eating

  • Seed and eating garlic can be ordered beginning June 1.
  • We ship our garlic by USPS beginning around August 25. 
  • To get bulk garlic pricing, email.

Seed Garlic

Eating Garlic


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Return Information

We provide refunds for products returned to us within two weeks of the date we ship the product to you. We cannot provide refunds for products returned after two weeks of the date we ship. We do not assume liability for garlic and rhizome performance because there are many factors such as weather, planting, watering, and soil fertility that can affect it.