Hops & Rhizomes

We are sold out of hops & rhizomes.

  • They are shipped by USPS mail and are ready for use upon arrival, or can be frozen for later use.
  • We take orders beginning March 1 of each year.
  • Rhizomes are seasonal and only available through May 31 of each year. Note that we are having difficulty with our web store adding postage each time an item is ordered. We will refund for amount paid in excess of actual postage.
  • For orders over 25 rhizomes, email for bulk pricing.


If you like the art on our website, you can purchase Sunnybrook Farm Art Cards. You can find the artist’s website at www.deenasball.com.

Return Information

We provide refunds for products returned to us within two weeks of our shipment of the product to you. We do not assume liability for garlic and rhizome performance because there are many factors such as weather, planting, watering, and soil fertility that can affect it.