About Sunnybrook Farm

Sunnybrook Farm, nestled in Vermont’s Green Mountains, is small but our love for garlic and growing things knows no bounds. Our garlic for eating and for seed and our Christmas trees are Vermont Organic Farmers Certified.

Music Garlic by Choice

We have grown garlic for two decades on our New England farm. We are steadfast supporters of the variety of Music. We stopped growing other varieties and put all our attention towards making beautiful Music.

Vermont-Grown Hops & Rhizomes

Sunnybrook Farm no longer offers whole hops and hop rhizomes. As we no longer offer hops, we are not certified by Vermont Organic Farmers for hops. When we lived off the road system in Alaska, we brewed beer with hops from far away. When we moved to Vermont, we were pleased to learn that the climate would allow us to grow hops. One thing led to another and soon we had an established hop yard.

Herbicide-Free Balsam Fir Christmas Trees

Each spring when our children were little, our family planted baby balsam fir trees. The children would place each tree in a hole, tamp soil around it, water it, and proudly stand up to admire their handiwork. As our children have grown, so have our trees. Our trees are gently grown, without the use of herbicides. In September 2016, Sunnybrook Farm was the only Vermont Organic Farmers Certified Christmas trees listed by the Northeast Farming Association of Vermont.

A Special Thanks to the Artist in the Family

Deena Ball painted this website’s art. Deena finds herself always painting farms, fields, and vegetables. Her philosophy is that art is everywhere. To see her work, visit deenasball.com.

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Happy Planting,

Thea & Alexei