Growing Garlic at Sunnybrook Farm

At Sunnybrook Farm we have a passion for growing garlic. Our hardneck garlic is Vermont Organic Farmers Certified by NOFA-VT and is available for eating or as seed for planting. Order it online or email to arrange pick up. You can find us on Instagram or Facebook.

Why Music Garlic?

We raise Music garlic, a white-skinned hardneck variety with sometimes a blush of pink. It has big bulbs with large cloves that are easy to peel. When baked it has a sweet mild flavor, and a medium-hot taste eaten raw. It stores well, typically up to nine months if stored properly.

Hand-Crafted for More than a Decade

We’ve grown garlic at Sunnybrook Farm for nearly two decades. First we gave gifts of garlic to family, friends, and neighbors. When we just couldn’t help ourselves and planted more and more garlic, we started selling it for eating and planting. Each plant is planted, tended, harvested, and cleaned by hand. You could say our garlic is “hand-crafted.”

How to Use Music Garlic?

Music garlic tastes terrific in pesto, grilled vegetables, roasted in the oven, in stuffed zucchini and peppers, and in so many other dishes.

When to Plant Music Seed Garlic

Plant your Music seed garlic in October in a mulch of straw or earlier planted oats. Your seed garlic will begin to grow roots, and winter over under its mulch blanket. When the daffodils bloom, mulch your seed garlic again. Ten days after the scapes (the curly flower stalks) appear, snap off theme off. You can eat the scapes, as they are delicious on the grill or made into pesto.

When to Harvest Your Garlic

Your garlic is ready when the bottom two or three whorls of leaves turn yellowish brown. We harvest our garlic in late July and early August. To harvest, dig in a circle around the garlic and uproot the garlic, or if the soil is soft, just grasp firmly at the bottom of the neck of the plant, and give a gentle tug. Wash and store in a dry place. Enjoy your garlic for months to come.

How Much Garlic to Order?

Buying enough seed garlic now means that you will have enough to eat all year long and plant for the next year. If you cook with a head a week, 2 pounds when planted and harvested will provide you with about 50 heads for eating next fall, or you can grow more and have enough to plant for the next year. Four pounds of garlic planted this fall will make about 100 heads for eating and planting and giving away to friends and family next summer.

How to Purchase Sunnybrook Farm Garlic

To purchase our Music garlic visit our online store. For bulk orders or to arrange pick up contact us by email.