Sunnybrook Farm Hops & Rhizomes

As of 2021, we are SOLD OUT of rhizomes and hops.

Make Beer & Herbal Products or Grow Your Own Hops

Brew your own beer, make herbal products, or start your own hop yard. Our whole hops are available beginning in late August. Our rhizomes are available, depending upon snow cover and when the ground thaws, typically in April. We dig and send them out over a three-week period so be certain to reserve yours in advance by emailing us at

About Cascade, Magnum, Williamette & Mount Hood Hop Rhizomes

Each rhizome variety has something unique to offer. Cascade hops (4.5 to 7% alpha acid) were established decades ago by Oregon State University and are good for pale ales, IPAs, and Porters. Magnum (high alpha acid of 12%) are a bittering hop with mild flavor and are good for ales, lagers, and IPAs. Willamette hops (4 to 7% alpha acid) are fruity and earthy and are good for ales and lagers. Mount Hood hops (4 to 7% alpha acid) are good for lagers, pilsners, wheat, and bocks.

How to Plant Hop Rhizomes

When your rhizomes arrive, you can keep them in the refrigerator for up to two weeks until you are ready to plant. Plant rhizomes in hills 3 feet apart in weed-free, fertile and well-drained soil. Plant different varieties of rhizomes at least five feet apart. Cover the rhizomes with several inches of soil and mulch and lightly water frequently. Build a trellis to train your hops on as they can grow more than 20 feet high. The hops are ready for harvest mid to late summer when the cones are papery. Use the cones green or dry them for later use. For more information about planting and caring for hops, visit the University of Vermont Hops Project at