Vermont-grown Balsam Firs

At Sunnybrook Farm, we grow Balsam Fir Christmas trees. They are gently grown. We do not use herbicides and we tend them with care.

Certified Organic Christmas Trees

We are the only farm, as of September 2016, listed by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) as selling Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) Certified Christmas trees. Less than four miles from Vermont’s capital, Montpelier, Sunnybrook Farm is conveniently located for a day of Christmas shopping in town combined with a trip to the farm to cut your own tree.

Open for Cut-Your-Own Christmas Trees Day after Thanksgiving

Thank you to all who came and cut trees. Please come again next year. If you would like a tree, off season, perhaps to feed your goats, please send an email or call. We encourage you to visit us on Facebook.